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VNINDEX : 1,074.52 points – Negative (oversold):

The index dropped again and lost the results of the previous session when the market's money flow continued to be weak in the early drop and the swings at the end of the morning before T+ supply became stronger in the afternoon session. , overwhelmed the market breadth, bottom-fishing cash flow showed signs of entry but the selling still prevailed, causing the overall market to close down deeply, contrary to the trend of the world stock markets and the predictions of most investors. invest. Therefore, entering the last session of the week with margin clearing pressure may increase, so the market may drop deeply to test the lower boundary of Bollinger Band 1,059 points in the morning.

(Forecast: VNI-INDEX technical chart for the week of October 3-7)
Notedaily – Investment Newsletter 07.10.2022: The pressure to release mortgage returned, towards the lower Bollinger Band 1,059 points.
-              SHORT-TERM : The index and the general market were in sync with short-term supply pressure, selling-out dominated right from the middle of the morning session after lacking motivation from bottom-fishing demand even though the market dropped right after the opening span. Thereby, the selling force of T+ continued to dominate in the afternoon session, negatively affecting the index and short-term sentiment. Therefore, the market may continue to enter the margin clearance phase at the end of the week right in the morning session with the possibility that it will have to retreat to the lower Bollinger Band of 1,159 points.Recommendation: Investors should stay out of new short-term positions if the market continues to fail to recover in the last session of the week. Majority of DM holdings have been disbursed, waiting for the general market to find a balance and technical recovery.
-              MID-TERM: HOLD the proportion mainly Steel, VN30 , Securities, Banking when most of them are in sell-off zone. Medium and long-term investors who rarely surfed, took advantage of the market to maintain the selling-off zone, and increased their proportion and held.
·                 Positive :Most of them fluctuate in the oversold zone and so there may be short-term technical retracements similar to historical developments. The world stock markets maintained a technical retracement so they could support sentiment. Foreign investors saw a net buying session again. Some large-cap stocks had good technical returns such as PNJ (HM: PNJ ), VHM (HM: VHM ), VIC (HM: VIC ), SAB (HM: SAB ), BCM (HM: BCM ).
·                 Negative:FED forecasts that monetary tightening will continue and last until 2023. T+ pressure always prevailed in the early afternoon session. The breadth of groups remained in the oversold zone after a declining phase. The SBV raised the operating interest rate, affecting the profit margin of Bank shares, putting pressure on real estate stocks in the medium term. Liquidity was low, so it could not absorb the selling pressure, sold T+ in the afternoon session.
·                 Stocks trading session: HOLD 70% of DM medium-term accumulated stocks VNM (HM: VNM ), HPG (HM: HPG ), SHS (HN: SHS ), OCB, PLX (HM: PLX ). Increase proportion and hold medium and long term.
·                 STOCKTRADING – Surfing (SESSION 07.10.2022):The buying point improved, but the main focus was on real estate - prioritize reducing the proportion of this group to increasing the proportion in the medium and long term Bank - Securities - Steel - VN30.

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