Xiaomi 12S Ultra beats the photography prowess of iPhone 13 Pro Max

After more than a month of launch, Xiaomi's latest high-end smartphone, Xiaomi 12S Ultra, has received a photography score from the prestigious website DxOMark.

For the scores, this China-exclusive device from Xiaomi has been thoroughly evaluated by the camera testers at DxOMark. The results show that the product won 5th place on DxOMark's global ranking of smartphone cameras with a score of 138, knocking the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max out of the Top 5, which both scored 137 points. .

Xiaomi 12S Ultra beats the photography power of iPhone 13 Pro Max - 1

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra receives DxOMark praise for its excellent overall image quality in most use cases and its versatility, offering two different images for users to choose from. Low-light photography is also a strong point on the product as this camera offers wide dynamic range in night mode. The ultra-wide and zoom camera provides excellent images at all distances, especially at long range. The camera also has excellent performance in video mode, offering extended dynamic range, natural texture rendering, and good exposure.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra beats the photography power of iPhone 13 Pro Max - 3

The drawback on this device is the lack of consistency, leading to disparities between images, even occurring with consecutive images. The phone also struggled with bright light situations when capturing high-contrast scenes. In addition, because the device is evaluated as a preview, it does not always match the final image captured in the marketed consumer version.

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