Apple has officially confirmed the use of Sony sensors for iPhones.

After much speculation, Apple has confirmed the use of Sony image sensor for iPhone.

For years, Apple has tightly controlled suppliers and many product specifications. Therefore, the fact that Tim Cook, CEO of "Apple" visited the CMOS sensor factory of Sony is a big event.

Sony will be the supplier of the camera sensor for the iPhone.

Analysts and fans were skeptical, and Tim Cook has finally admitted that Apple has been working with Sony for more than a decade. The company's CEO posted a photo of Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida showing him the Sony factory.

The Cupertino-based company has long been silent about its battery, chip and display suppliers, but supply chain analysts have revealed that Corning is making front and rear glass panels, only behind Apple, while Samsung and LG supply most of the OLED displays. Of course, the chips come from TSMC's factories.

CEO Tim Cook arrives at the Sony factory.

However, Sony's deal with Apple on photographic hardware remains largely unconfirmed. According to some reports, Sony is working on a new sensor using semiconductor technology that will capture more light and reduce the possibility of under or over exposure. Of course, the sensor will be used in future iPhones, most hopefully the iPhone 15.

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