Bad habits that will damage the laptop

Laptops are fragile things, especially when some user habits make it break down quickly. Here are such habits.

To turn on for a long time

Regardless of whether you are using a laptop continuously for work, sometimes users should still let it rest after a period of work. Schedule a reboot every few hours to keep its performance at its best. It takes only a few tens of seconds for the machine to reboot in modern systems like today.

Bad habits that will damage the laptop - 1

Leave the screen in the sunlight

Even with the laptop turned off, the thought that it can be left anywhere to rest is a mistake. Users should avoid placing it in a place exposed to direct sunlight or anywhere with warm temperatures. Direct sunlight not only causes the laptop to overheat, but it also damages the display.

It's not a table

Many people have the habit of putting a lot of things on the laptop keyboard, especially in tight desk space. However, it is a mistake and limit it as much as possible. Imagine accidentally closing a laptop while an item like a pen is still on the keyboard will damage the display and potentially expensive repairs.

Too many apps running in the background

Bad habits that will damage the laptop - 2

Keep an eye on your computer's processor and RAM usage, otherwise you could overload your laptop and slow it down. Apps running in the background can push your device's capabilities to the limit and eventually cause malfunctions. Take care of the system as much as you take care of the hardware.

Improper ventilation leads to overheating

Letting a laptop overheat not only makes it slow, but it can also damage some components. Having a good cooling system is not enough, users need to make sure they place the laptop on a surface that won't suffocate it like a bed or pillow. The heat dispersed going out in the vents is also found at the bottom, so blocking the vents will cause its temperature to rise.

Snacking next to the laptop

There are times when people can't leave the computer because they're too busy with work or too focused on the program they're watching. This may lead them to choose to bring a snack next to it and eat it right in front of it. But it's not a good idea because people can't tell if liquid or debris has landed on the keyboard, and this can cause keyboard failure. It can even attract ants, which in turn leads to situations such as internal wiring being gnawed.

Bad habits will damage the laptop - 3

Clean the screen with a random cloth

Since laptop screens are more prone to stains due to the way they are made, users will need to wipe them more often to remove any smudges. However, using random fabrics or cleaning liquids to wipe it may damage the screen.

Using rough fabrics and hard liquids may damage the anti-reflective coating on the screen. Without it, the screen would be more prone to scratches. Instead, use the right computer screen cleaning kit to keep the screen clean.

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