7 of the best beaches in Dubai for you to enjoy your trip

Who out there enjoys a summer like sand, beach, sea and sun? Today the tip is very good and you can't stay out of this. There are 7 of the best beaches in Dubai for you to visit while traveling to the destination.

The city is considered the most beautiful in the United Arab Emirates, with strong historical, cultural and socioeconomic points. Dubai is a city that has a wide range of tourist attractions and that, accompanied by the commercial sector, yields good results.

With excellent infrastructure, diverse tourist attractions, restaurants, parties and liberal policies, Dubai's beaches are by no means inferior. In addition, as it is a city that receives many tourists, it is common for these activities to be highlighted compared to others.

In this sense, Dubai's beaches are a strong refinement of the city. There is no one who visits it and is not enchanted by something. In fact, recommendations generally surround activities of this nature. After all, what are good needs to be shared?

So, if you still have doubts about what to do in Dubai, here are some tips for places:

  • Etihad Museum
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Mall
  • Miracle Garden
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • The Palm Island
  • Dubai Museum

Also, it's important to tell you that you can do an exchange program to Dubai and not have to say goodbye so quickly to the beaches and so many special places. For all the movement in the city, in relation to several aspects, the possibilities are configured as an opening for personal and professional development.

Therefore, you can carry out a program that involves studying and/or working in the city. The school issues the visa for you and has practically zero bureaucracy to carry out this type of exchange.

In this sense, it is possible to stay up to 9 months studying and working and on top of that try to get immigration.

7 of the best beaches in Dubai

Check out our list right below, but don't get attached to the order, right? All beaches are amazing and can provide you with different moments. So, don't hesitate to make a list of your preferences so you don't forget anything when you're at your destination.

The sea

Many point to this as the best beach in Dubai, because it offers tourists and locals a simply stunning setting. The water is clean, crystal clear and the sand is so white it looks like salt. In addition, the beach is full of palm trees that make a beautiful contrast with the art installations that exist there.

Sunset Beach

One of the most incredible views of Dubai can be found at Sunset Beach. However, it is recommended that you take your towel and whatever else you think is necessary, as the beach does not have much support structure. However, the beach is still very crowded and it is recommended to arrive early so as not to miss a spot there.

Images with the Burj Al Arab are usually taken from this place and the silhouette is simply incredible. Anyway, be sure to visit this place that will provide you with unique moments.

Jumeirah Beach Park

Here you will find several options of fully equipped beaches. That is precisely why it is called a park. Therefore, it is the type of tour to do with family or even with friends. In addition, if you have children or even children in the family, it is a beach designed for them too, as there are several attractions for this type of public.

JBR Beach

Undoubtedly, one of the best stops to make when the destination is the beach. Another suitable beach designed to be enjoyed by the family. Therefore, the climate is unique and full of options for you to enjoy, such as a relaxed swim. Likewise, there are those who visit the place just for a good walk and still feel JBR's energy.

Kite Beach

For sports lovers, there is a YES option! And, the ideal place to enjoy the practice is Kite Beach, the most popular, fun and radical beach in Dubai. This is always a draw for anyone who enjoys a good old water sport. Surf, kite surf and stand up you learn with the best and practice happy life. So, be sure to visit this paradise and enjoy the adventures.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Another super special park on this list. Al Mamzar Beach Park is full of palm trees that allow you to enjoy shade if the sun is too strong. It offers good experiences to tourists and is located in the crystal clear sea of ​​Dubai. In addition, the beach is quite protected and offers assistance to everyone.

It is possible to have a picnic, barbecue and full of green area with changing rooms and swimming pools. Another possibility to enjoy with the guys!

Black Palace

One of Dubai's secrets, Black Palace is a rarity in beauty and attractions. The beach is popular and, therefore, in some periods it is common for it to be more crowded than usual. Therefore, set aside a day to go early to the Black Palace and visit it. But, it is necessary to remember that there are no facilities there either, so you need to take your things with you.

For photo lovers, this scenario is also one of the most requested. There are even several incredible views there, such as: the Palm Jumeirah, the famous Burj Al Aeab and the Madinat hotel.

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