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(Aries88.info) - Dolphins are one of nature's outliers - smarter than their peers and beautiful to look at, especially up close. While many people have seen real dolphins at SeaWorld, few have ever considered swimming with these amazing sea creatures.

Dolphin Bay panorama

To really get up close to dolphins, sometimes outside of a "theme park", you have to think of exotic places like Dubai. Dolphin Cove at Atlantis is one of the most exquisite and wondrous experiences you will have with dolphins.

Dolphin Bay in Atlantis

Photo by Nicolas Fleury

In addition to touching their skin, you can swim with them and choose from a range of interactive dolphin experiences. For example, you can stand in shallow water, enjoy a belly ride, or dive alongside dolphins.

Dolphin Encounter

It's an immersive experience as you can get up close to dolphins, touch them, cuddle them and even play games. Dolphin games have no age restrictions and they always work with certified professionals to ensure safety. Many tourists say the dolphins are strikingly similar to humans in dancing, kissing and playing.

Atlantis Dolphin Adventure

Finally, take a photo at the Atlantis Dolphin Encounter Lagoon. You can get up close and personal with dolphins, or relax on a lounger and watch or photograph dolphins from a distance. Seems like it can't get any "fish", and there are free soft drinks.

Dolphin Cove at Atlantis has an educational center and educational programs of interest to several educational institutions.

holding hands with a dolphin

Atlantis Dolphin Encounter there is something for you. Check them out for yourself... oh yes, thanks for all the fish.

  • Non-swimmers and swimmers welcome! There is no
  • There is no age limit for shallow water interactions Swim
  • Swim interactive for ages eight and up Deeper
  • Deeper swimming from age twelve 10
  • 10 guests allowed per dolphin 30
  • 30 minutes of dolphin bondage Dolphin
  • Dolphin Assisted Surfing Available!

Scuba diving requires certification and ages twelve and up

Ride on two dolphins

Dolphin kisses a kid

Atlantis Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Interaction Belly ride

Dolphin Kiss Scuba

Dolphin selfie


  • AED 695 for Dolphin Encounter
  • AED 860 for Dolphin Adventure
  • AED 1000 for Royal Swim

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