Capital Place: A classy office location that conquers large businesses

 Located in a prime location in the center of the Capital as well as Ba Dinh district, Capital Place Hanoi, is a symbol of class and sustainability, has scored points with many domestic and foreign businesses with its elements. international standards for quality and standards of construction, utility services, and operations management.

Capital Place Building - 29 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi includes 2 towers with 1,200m2 floor space for rent, airy, 360-degree view.

Possessing all the necessary values of a high-quality office building, Capital Place is not only the first building in Hanoi to achieve LEED Gold certification but also a symbol of sustainable development since the early days. head into operation. 

With a development orientation that puts human factors at the heart, the health of employees and tenants is always a top priority. With an international standard fine dust filtration system, it always provides safe and effective air and working environment in the context of air pollution at alarming levels in Hanoi in recent days.

The column-free floor design is up to 1,200 m2 wide with sweeping views of West Lake and the city center.

In addition, Capital Place and the business community also actively carry out social responsibility (CSR) activities such as donating blood, collecting recyclable waste, and donating to help disadvantaged children in Vietnam. remote areas. This makes the building a destination not only to work but also to come together and share community values.

The investor's representative proudly shared: "Capital Place is not only a simple working address, but also a place that all tenants are proud to mention, creating sustainable values together."

As the headquarters of big names such as Bosch, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Shopee, Lazada, Boeing, Microsoft, Line, etc., Capital Place will continue to be the top choice for high-class businesses.

Together with Highlands Coffee, Face Inch Studio, Jio Health and upcoming stores such as Elegant Clinic, AK Gym and SAGA Cafe & Bistro, it will enrich the experiences and amenities for all tenants.

New apartments in Hanoi continuously increase in price, even apartments that have been lived in for a long time suddenly increase in price by billions... Many homeowners take advantage of the rising apartment prices to sell quickly to move. to buy real estate.

In recent years, apartment supply has continuously decreased while demand is increasing. Accordingly, new apartments in Hanoi continuously increase in price, even old apartments that have been used for decades suddenly increase in price by billions of dong. Therefore, many people took advantage of the price and turned to buying real estate.

With an amount of up to 3 billion VND in cash, many people still have difficulty finding a house. Ms. Do Thu Thao (Dong Da, Hanoi) said that she is looking for a house to live on her own, but for more than 3 months she has not been satisfied with any apartment. Her family has about 3 billion VND, their initial wish was to find central apartments.

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New apartments in the inner city district have asking prices ranging from 80 million to hundreds of million/m2

When going to see a project open for sale in Dong Da district, Ms. Thao was shocked when the apartment price here reached up to 80 million VND/m2. A one-bedroom apartment is over 4 billion VND. “I know that in a central location, high prices are inevitable, but I didn't think it would be so high. Maybe I have to find a distance of 10km from the center to buy a house for 3 billion," she said.

Not only do newly opened houses have high prices, but also apartments that have been used for decades have also increased in price by billions of dong.

On a group specializing in buying and selling apartments, an apartment at Imperia Garden with an area of 112m2 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, basic furniture is being offered at: 8.x billion; An 87m2 apartment, including living room, 2 bedrooms and 12m2 balcony is being offered by the homeowner for 4.3 billion VND.

With the above price, the average selling price of each apartment is more than one billion VND compared to the time the investor handed over the house (2017).

Similarly, in Nam Tu Liem district, apartment prices have also increased sharply in recent times.

"An apartment with an area of 74m2 designed with 2 bedrooms was just sold by me for 2.8 billion VND, equivalent to nearly 38 million VND/m2. The selling price is double the price I bought in 2019, about 19.5 million VND/m2," said Ms. Hau - owner of an apartment in an urban area in Nam Tu Liem district (Hanoi).

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