Construction Bank (CB) Launches its New Core Banking System into Operation

The officially operating Core Banking system will be the foundation for CB to promote the development of diverse financial products and services to meet the increasing needs of customers.

Core Banking – a project of great importance to CB

After more than 2 years of implementation, CB has completed the conversion and put into operation the Core Banking system after upgrading from December 11, 2023.

Considered an important project of CB, to operate Core Banking on time and safely is an effort of more than 2 years for the entire CB, especially the Project Implementation Committee with a huge amount of work from technical training. techniques, testing and rehearsals, implementation plans...

According to the Banking Industry Digital Transformation Plan to 2025, with a vision to 2030, encouraging the development of digital banking models, increasing convenience, customer experience and achieving comprehensive financial goals.

In line with the general trend of the entire industry, many banks have implemented digital transformation and effectively applied information technology to all banking activities and operations in diverse forms such as: developing banking applications. digital goods, investing in digital technology products, choosing new Core Banking solutions...

In the context of 4.0 technology with daily changes in technology, the old core banking system has almost lost its mark in the market. And converting to a new platform is not only a desire but also a determination and an inevitability that CB must carry out to reach the goal of modern technology.

"Completing the conversion and putting into operation the Core Banking system after the upgrade marks a comprehensive development step for CB in modernizing banking technology," a CB representative shared.

A comprehensive transformation on the 9-year journey back to the market

In 2023, CB enters the 9th year on the restructuring journey according to the direction of the State Bank (SBV) with many development aspirations.

9 years of State ownership with many innovation efforts following the direction of the State Bank, accompanying business tasks, operational areas are continuously improved. At the end of November, CB organized a workshop on valuation work for the first time in 2023 with the desire to overcome inadequacies and improve the quality of appraisal work. And this is also one of the focused professional areas at CB.

In the context of a restructured bank with many difficulties, CB strives to build a modern technology platform in terms of promoting internal strength, creativity and self-equipment from existing resources. And the operation of the new Core Banking system is a clear demonstration - demonstrating CB's comprehensive transformation on its 9-year journey back to the market.

With the new Core Banking system, business processes will be automated, helping to improve transaction processing capabilities and shorten customer waiting time. At the same time, the new system will also enhance information management and control capabilities, security and safety, increase operational stability, and better limit risks - creating a solid momentum for CBs to easily develop. Developing new products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers on the journey to conquer the market.

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