Exclusive Limited Edition of Nissan Kicks Released in Vietnam Despite Steep Pricing

In the Philippine market, Nissan has just introduced a special edition of the Kicks car line with only 150 units produced.

Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) has just released a limited edition of Kicks e-Power called Kicks e-Power Sport with a limited quantity of only 150 units. Featuring Galaxy Black paint, the Nissan Kicks e-Power Sport comes with a number of exterior accessories designed to give the special edition crossover a sportier appearance.

Unlike the regular Kicks e-Power, the Sport version has silver front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts. In addition, the limited edition Kicks e-Power Sport is also equipped with a silver-painted roof spoiler, further highlighting the vehicle's sporty aesthetic.

Developed on the VE version, the Sport version is also provided with the same amenities as the VE version, including Zero Gravity fabric seats, 8-inch touch entertainment screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity support. , automatic air conditioning, rear parking sensors, leather-wrapped steering wheel and Smart Mobility features including forward collision avoidance braking, automatic emergency braking, driver distraction warning, assist Hill start assist…

Nissan Kicks e-Power is equipped with an e-Power powertrain including an electric motor, Lithium-ion battery, inverter, gasoline engine and generator. With this technology, the car will operate entirely on an electric motor and the gasoline engine will only act as a generator, providing power for the battery and motor.

The Nissan Kicks e-Power's electric motor produces a maximum capacity of 136 horsepower and maximum torque of 280Nm, while the gasoline engine, 1.2L capacity, produces a maximum capacity of 82 horsepower and 103 Nm of torque. According to the car manufacturer, it only takes 4.6L for 100km of mixture.

Compared to competitors in the segment, Nissan Kicks e-Power does not seem to be inferior in terms of technology or design. In return, this is a car model with quite good fuel economy in the segment thanks to hybrid technology.

Kicks e-Power Sport is now available at Nissan Philippines dealers with prices starting from PHP 1,429,000 (equivalent to VND 613 million). The car will be produced in limited quantities of only 150 units. In the Vietnamese market, Nissan Kicks e-Power belongs to the B-class high chassis car segment and has an unusually high price.

Nissan Vietnam has just launched a completely new car model called Kicks and is equipped with a unique e-power system.

Nissan Kick e-Power is the first electric car model with a generator in Vietnam. Specifically, the car has the only fully electric drive mechanism in Vietnam at this time, the gasoline engine only acts as a drive for the generator.

The Nissan Kicks e-POWER model has dimensions of length x width x height: 4,305 x 1,760 x 1,615 mm, segment-leading wheelbase of 2,620 mm, ground clearance of 182mm and impressive turning radius. with only 5,100 mm.

The car is designed to stand out with full LED lighting clusters and a large and expanded V-Motion grille. The car's body is accentuated with lines running throughout, giving a uniformly sporty impression. The rear of the car uses boomerang-shaped LED taillights combined with modern 5-spoke wheels, perfecting the shape.

Highlights in the interior of the Nissan Kicks e-POWER include the D-cut steering wheel with integrated control keys. The gear lever is designed to be modern and streamlined to provide the most convenient and friendly space for the driver.

The car is equipped with a zero gravity driver's seat - a driver's seat designed based on technology from NASA, simulating the human posture in a state of zero gravity to reduce pressure on the back, pelvis and upper body, Provides a comfortable driving experience, reducing fatigue on long roads.

In addition, Nissan Kicks e-POWER also provides users with a 7-inch advanced driver assistance screen and an 8-inch A-IVI entertainment screen that connects Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Besides the impressive design, Nissan Kicks e-POWER also provides an optimal space for the luggage compartment with a capacity of up to 432 liters and a convenient emergency tire repair kit that comes with the car.

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