Italian police received the Lamborghini Urus super SUV

Lamborghini has just released a clip of the Urus model made specifically for the Italian police.

Lamborghini has just launched a special edition for the Urus car line, but this is not a car model that users can own but is issued to the Italian police force. This is the Lamborghini Urus Police supercar donated by the Italian supercar company to the Italian police force.

This is also the 6th unit produced. Lamborghini Urus Police is developed based on the Performante version of Urus.

The Urus Police version's trunk is quite special as it is equipped with a mobile refrigerator for transporting organs, including a display screen and data recorder to continuously monitor the internal temperature, while also being stable. high stability when operating at high speed.

The exterior of the Lamborghini Urus Police has a special paint color specifically designed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile department with the main characteristic blue color combined with the white color of the Italian police.

The police logo is refined in combination with the motifs of the Italian flag. There are also some additional public service parts such as blue priority lights on the roof, sirens or demi lights on the front bumper.

The interior of this version is still similar to other commercial versions but is supplemented with police parts such as armored weapon boxes and a flip-down notification display screen. A special compartment inside contains equipment and a defibrillator for first aid.

In terms of operation, the Lamborghini Urus Police still uses a V8 engine, 4.0L twin-turbocharged capacity, producing 657 horsepower and maximum torque of 850 Nm. According to the manufacturer, this special version only takes 3.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h before reaching a maximum speed of 306 km/h.

In Vietnam, Lamborghini Urus is the most popular super SUV model in the segment with no less than 20 units already owned, with a variety of colors ranging from white, black, gray, yellow, red or blue.

The selling price of the regular version is about 13 - 22 billion depending on genuine or private import. Most recently, the selling price of Urus Performante was announced by the official dealer at 16.5 billion VND.

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