Lien Quan Mobile: Which "cards" to choose to defend "hardest" in the late season of 2023?

In addition to the main task of attacking and taking towers, defending towers is also essential in case the enemy team forces you to attack.

With the meta of attacking heavily at the beginning of the game and "snowballing" the entire match to win as quickly as possible in the S4 - 2023 season, situations where defenders are cornered very often happen in Lien Quan Mobile. So which generals will help players protect their home base "hardest" when they fall into difficult situations?


Kahlii is a long-standing mage general of the national mobile MOBA game Lien Quan Mobile. Although she is considered quite "imprisoned" because she does not have terrain-crossing moves and slow movement, in return her magic damage is very formidable, especially the ability to penetrate and attack with her ultimate attack. The Soul Army has extremely long range.

Lien Quan Mobile: Which "cards" to choose to defend "hardest" in the late season of 2023? - first

In situations where towers are forced, Kahlii's home defense ability is effective. The player only needs to place his first move (Convergence of Spirits) in the path of the minions and unleash his ultimate attack on them, at this point the entire team Your team's soldier vehicle will "evaporate" quickly. Because Kahlii's ultimate has a very long range and cooldown time is also extremely fast, it is very simple for minions to be destroyed before reaching the tower.


Also a mage guarding the mid lane area, Dirak's skill set seems to be born for pressing towers and defending towers. Dirak's skills are more about poke attacks and control, especially the ultimate move Lo Cot Tu Quang which has great power.

When the enemy team is attacking the tower, the mage just needs to set up his ultimate move's Shield Shield in front of the tower, then all damage from the enemy will be blocked. Even when the shield runs out of time, Dirak also has the ability to destroy soldiers from afar thanks to a powerful Purple Light Cannon attack.


Dubbed the "super late" and "super flip" gunner of the current meta, Yorn's late-game internal attacks can make the enemy team "cry" when they have enough force to penetrate all tankers with a good amount of health. and extremely thick armor.

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Not only does Yorn deal great damage to champions, Yorn's passive defenses with Endless Arrows are also very effective. With just one passive attack, all the soldier vehicles entering the tower are easily destroyed, even the super "buffalo" soldiers are afraid of Yorn's rain of arrows.


A popular assistant in the game Lien Quan Mobile, famous for its extremely annoying control ability. But little Alice also affirmed her name through late-game home defense cases.

Regardless of whether the player uses the “full slow”, “full tank” or “full magic” build, when the ultimate ability Time Flow is placed in front of the turret, all efforts of enemy champions and minions are blocked. significantly. From there, create a premise for teammates to deal damage to prevent turret attacks more effectively.


Celica made her name thanks to her extremely powerful critical damage ability in the late game and is also the gunner with the longest range in the game.

Female marksman Celica's ability to defend her home is confirmed by her ultimate move Cannon Cannon, whereby when she sets up the cannon, the range is maximized and the damage becomes extremely terrible. All enemies as well as vehicles attacking towers will have great difficulty before Celica's artillery.

Although not popular in matches in the final season of 2023, Celica is still a formidable marksman in terms of defensive ability.

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