2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Review - A Mercedes In Disguise

Cadillac Lyric: Luxury Electric SUV Review

Cadillac Lyric: Luxury Electric SUV Review

The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ is a luxury EV SUV with a price tag of over $80,000 in Canada. It offers a stylish design and a comfortable driving experience. However, it lacks some luxury features and has a bumpy ride due to its heavy weight.


  • 🚗 Stylish design with a “Cheesecake Factory” vibe
  • ⚡ Smooth power delivery and intuitive throttle pedal calibration
  • 🛣️ Good range for a rear-wheel drive EV
  • 💺 Comfortable seating and spacious interior
  • 🖥️ Large 33-inch screen with Google Maps integration
  • 💰 Expensive price tag for the features offered
  • 🚙 Bumpy ride due to the heavy weight of the vehicle

Experience the journey with Throttle House as they explore the Cadillac Lyric, a luxurious electric SUV that aims to compete in the ever-growing market of premium electric vehicles. Discover the features, performance, and unique aspects that set the Cadillac Lyric apart from its competitors.

Video Summary

In a recent Throttle House video, hosts Thomas and James take the Cadillac Lyric for a spin, providing insights into its design, driving experience, and overall value. Here's a brief summary of their findings:

  • The Cadillac Lyric, priced at over eighty thousand dollars Canadian, competes in the premium electric SUV segment.
  • With a sleek design and Cadillac's signature styling, the Lyric presents a futuristic and luxurious appearance.
  • Despite its premium look, the hosts explore whether the Lyric justifies its price tag compared to other compelling electric SUV options on the market.
  • Features such as a 33-inch continuous screen, AKG sound system, and advanced driving aids contribute to the Lyric's luxurious interior.
  • The driving experience is discussed, highlighting aspects like smooth power delivery, one-pedal driving, and sport mode.
  • Concerns are raised about the ride quality, especially when compared to other luxury vehicles from GM, and the absence of MagneRide suspension.
  • The hosts delve into practical aspects, including cargo space, unique door handles, and the absence of a frunk (front trunk).
  • Issues with the user interface, including the glove box location and screen-based controls, are brought to attention.
  • The hosts question whether the Lyric, despite its premium features, might face stiff competition from more affordable options in the electric SUV market.


The Cadillac Lyric impresses with its design, features, and driving experience, but concerns arise regarding ride quality and certain usability aspects. As the luxury electric SUV market evolves, the Lyric faces competition from more affordable alternatives with comparable features. Potential buyers must weigh the premium Cadillac experience against the value offered by other players in this increasingly competitive segment.

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