2024 Nissan GTR - Old vs New Comparison

2024 Nissan GTR - Old vs New: A Comprehensive Comparison

2024 Nissan GTR - Old vs New Comparison


The 2024 Nissan GTR is put to the test in this thorough comparison between the old and new models. Join the hosts as they explore the performance, features, and overall experience of the iconic R35 generation.

Performance Showdown

The hosts dive into the exhilarating performance of the 2024 Nissan GTR, highlighting its impressive 565 horsepower. They discuss the enhancements in the 2024 model, including the return of the t-spec trim with Nismo upgrades such as carbon ceramic brakes and wider fenders. The exhaust system is also praised for adding excitement to the driving experience.

Evolution Over the Years

Reflecting on the evolution of the R35 GTR since its debut in 2008, the hosts note the continuous improvements in transmission smoothness, ride comfort, and overall driving dynamics. Despite the price increase over the years, the GTR remains a compelling option in the sports car market.

Exterior Styling

The hosts express their admiration for the timeless and muscular design of the GTR. They explore the controversy around the slight changes to the front end in the 2024 model, comparing it to the iconic R34 and acknowledging the enduring appeal of the GTR's aesthetics.

Interior Comparison

Delving into the interior, the hosts assess the cabin of both the old and new GTRs. The 2009 model is acknowledged for its simplicity and comfortable features, while the 2024 model boasts significant modernizations, including a detailed stitching, green leather accents, and Alcantara surfaces.

Final Verdict

Considering the 16-year gap between the old and new models, the hosts express their surprise at the similarities in driving experience. They discuss the potential long-term value of owning a special edition 2024 GTR and share their preferences for customization and upgrades.


Whether you opt for the classic charm of the older GTR or the modern luxury of the 2024 model, the Nissan GTR continues to be a captivating choice for enthusiasts. The hosts wrap up the comparison, leaving viewers with insights into the enduring legacy of this Japanese performance icon.


Compare the 2024 Nissan GTR T-Spec to the cheapest Nissan GTR trim available. Both versions offer the same performance, but the GTR T-Spec has some more premium features and design. Although the GTR has become more expensive than it used to be, it still offers a superior driving experience and good value. The old version of the GTR is still very powerful and exciting, while the new version has many exterior and interior improvements. Highlights🚗 The 2024 GTR T-Spec has a more advanced design and features than with the old version.⚡ The 2024 GTR T-Spec has the same performance as the old version.💰 GTR has become more expensive compared to the old days.🏎️ Both versions offer superior driving experience and price Good value.📈 Nissan has continually improved the GTR over the years, while still maintaining its appeal and fun.🎨 The 2024 GTR T-Spec comes in several unique design and color options. 🎛️ The 2024 GTR T-Spec has many interior improvements compared to the old version.

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