Ford F-150 Lightning: Edmunds Best of the Best

Edmund's award-winning editorial team, consisting of over 40 experts, has come together to celebrate the standout vehicles of 2023. The Best of the Best Award recognizes the car, truck, or SUV that not only excels in its segment but stands out as an exceptional vehicle on the market today.

In line with our rigorous testing process, the judging for this special award considered factors beyond metrics, including the model's impact, innovation, and relevance to car shoppers. Every vehicle on the market, whether powered by a plug or pump, was thoroughly evaluated.

Shortlisted Winners in Six Categories:

  1. SUVs: The new Kia Sportage hybrid secured the top spot, standing out for its style, efficiency, and affordability. Experts praise its power and fuel economy, making it a compelling choice in a competitive segment.

  2. Cars: The versatile and refined Honda Civic claimed victory for the second consecutive year. Its intuitive design, user-friendly infotainment, and overall affordability make it a standout choice for car shoppers.

  3. Trucks: The Ford F-150 pickup, equipped with features like Pro Power Onboard, an available hybrid, and an onboard generator, took home the honors. Praised for its versatility and standard-setting performance on the road.

  4. Electric Cars: Surprisingly, the Chevrolet Bolt EV emerged as the winner in this category, offering great value, spaciousness, and ease of driving. Its impressive range at an affordable price beat out established favorites like the Tesla Model 3.

  5. Electric Trucks: Ford's F-150 Lightning earned top honors in America's growing electric truck category. With long-range capabilities, exceptional power, and innovative technology, it stood out as a powerful and efficient option.

  6. Electric SUVs: Hyundai's Ioniq 5, with its dynamic and uniquely stylish design, took the lead in the fast-growing electric SUVs category. Its 800-volt architecture allowing for quick charging and distinctive aesthetics make it a standout choice.

While all shortlisted models showcased remarkable talents, the Ford F-150 Lightning secured the coveted Best of the Best Award for 2023. As America's best-selling vehicle, the Lightning represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence, especially for those who prioritize home charging. Edmund's Best of the Best proves that an electric truck can indeed reign supreme.

Stay tuned for more updates and reviews from Edmund's editorial team as we continue to celebrate excellence in the automotive world.

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