I Bought A 2024 Volkswagen Golf R

Throttle House: Choosing the Golf R

2024 Volkswagen Golf R

If you've been following the channel, you know that I sort of daily drive two cars: a rear-wheel-drive Mazda MX5 and a rear-wheel-drive Japanese limo. However, for winter, I needed a do-it-all family car, and after considering various options, I decided to put my money on a Golf R.

Why the Golf R?

The Golf R, a car that needs no introduction on this channel, has seen the road, airstrip, and track multiple times. Two years after being handed the keys for the first time, and one year after ordering it, I found myself signing the papers for a brand new MSRP lapis blue Golf R at Maple Volkswagen in Ontario.

Choosing the Golf R involved several considerations:

  • Shape and Size: Squeezing into many parking spots in the city, a hatchback was the logical choice among sedans, wagons, and hatches.
  • New vs. Used: Opting for a new Golf R overused, considering the crazy prices in the used market at the time of ordering.
  • Why Not an EV: Despite acknowledging the superiority of electric vehicles for daily driving experience, the practicality of long winter drives and concerns about charging infrastructure led to the decision against an EV.
  • All-Wheel Drive vs. Two-Wheel Drive: Choosing all-wheel drive with snow tires for a confident winter solution, even though Throttle House has always maintained that snow tires are crucial, and all-wheel drive isn't a necessity.

Performance and Driving Experience

The Golf R boasts a potent turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and the decision for all-wheel drive opened up fun options like drift mode. Despite missing out on some other options, the Golf R's combination of all-wheel drive, size, and driving experience made it the perfect choice.

Exterior and Personal Connection

The nostalgia attached to the Golf R, growing up with hatchbacks, and a personal connection to the Golf through family history added to the decision. The Golf R's size, handling, and performance, with enhancements over its predecessor, contributed to its appeal.

Interior Features and Criticisms

The interior, though not without its quirks, ultimately became acceptable. The issues ranged from a lack of physical buttons, touch-sensitive controls, and an unimpressive sound system. Some software glitches and wireless charging inefficiencies added to the minor grievances.


In conclusion, the Golf R emerged as the right choice for a do-it-all family car, fitting seamlessly into the daily routine. While acknowledging some of its peculiarities and potential challenges, the overall driving experience, performance, and personal connection to the Golf lineage justified the decision.

SummaryJames bought a 2024 Volkswagen Golf R and shared why he chose this Car. Highlights🚗 James bought a 2024 Volkswagen Golf R.🏎️ He chose the Golf R because it is a convenient hatchback and easy to park.⚡ He chose to buy new instead of buying a used car because the value of used cars is too high.⚡ James did not choose an electric car because he He didn't want to have to worry about charging and replacing the battery in the future.⚡ He chose the Golf R because of its good load capacity and high resale price.⚙️ James chose the 4-wheel drive system and passed up some other options for a safe and easy winter experience.⚙️ He also loves the size of the car and how it feels to drive.

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