VinFast VF8 Review: A Promising EV Adventure with Room for Improvement


Thomas and James from Throttle House embark on a mini adventure with the VinFast VF8, a new electric vehicle that has recently arrived in North America. Despite some initial skepticism, they explore the features, performance, and quirks of the VF8 during their journey in Vietnam. Join them as they share their experiences and insights into this unique electric car.

Unveiling the VinFast VF8

The Throttle House team introduces the VinFast VF8, the big brother to the upcoming VF6 and VF7 models, marking VinFast's entry into the North American market. The video captures their initial impressions of the car's exterior and interior design.

Custom-Made Luggage for Supercars: A Tetris Challenge

Thomas shares the amusing challenge of fitting luggage into the VinFast VF8, highlighting the need for custom-made solutions due to the car's unique dimensions. This section adds a touch of humor to the review, showcasing the practical aspects of owning a supercar with specific luggage requirements.

Performance and Technical Details

Delving into the technical aspects, the team discusses the VF8's electric dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup, highlighting the Eco and Plus trims. They touch on horsepower, acceleration times, and the unique feature of requiring an additional option for the full 402 horsepower in the Plus trim. The video captures their reactions to the car's delayed response and weight, comparing it to other electric vehicles.

The Quirks and Challenges of the VF8

Throttle House encounters some challenges with the VF8, including errors related to the anti-pinch window and emergency active braking systems. They discuss their experiences with the delayed response, suspension issues, and other quirks that affect the overall driving experience.

Exploring the VF8 Interior

The video takes a closer look at the VF8's interior, highlighting its cabin design, features, and the presence of a head-up display. Thomas and James commend the intuitive layout, the inclusion of a real volume knob, and the wireless charging pad. They share their thoughts on the interior's comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Styling and Comparison

Throttle House discusses the VF8's styling, describing it as inoffensive and drawing comparisons to other vehicles designed by Pininfarina. The team explores the car's build quality and panel alignment, praising it for being on par with or better than competing electric vehicles.

Vietnamese Temple Pit Stop

The adventure takes an unexpected turn as Throttle House makes a pit stop at a Vietnamese Temple, capturing the beauty of the surroundings. Despite the temple being closed, the video adds a cultural touch to the review, showcasing the car's presence in different settings.

Range Disappointment and Charging Challenges

As the day progresses, Throttle House realizes that the initial range estimate was overly optimistic. The team faces challenges with the VF8's range, leading to an unplanned stop at a charging station. They express hope for over-the-air updates to address the car's issues and emphasize that the VF8 is not ready for widespread recommendation.


Throttle House wraps up by summarizing their overall experience with the VinFast VF8. They acknowledge the car's potential but highlight the need for improvements in suspension tuning, calibration, and other aspects. The video concludes with a note of optimism, anticipating future updates that may enhance the VF8's performance and usability.

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