World's First Porsche Hypercar - The Mission X

We've got to close this door just so that no one really knows what's going on in here. You have these three iconic Porsches: 959, Carrera GT, and then the 918. Now, these three are all worth approximately the same amount, about a million and a half dollars, but what I've got to show you today is just one step above that: the brand new Mission X. [Music] [Music] Are you ready? I'm gonna drive this.

Okay, we just pull this back slightly, that's all we need to do. All right, now it's in gear, here we go, here we go, we're exiting the studio and the brand new Mission X. Now, I'm just going to stop here at the beginning of the ramp to lift the car. Here we go, here we go, here we go, it's lifting. [Applause] and drive, yep, okay, there you go. It's always so nerve-wracking, guys, driving these cars. There's only one in the world. Oh, not a big deal, not a big deal at all. Okay, oh, we gotta turn, we go to turn, I forgot about that. Okay, stop and we go into reverse. [Laughter] okay, back into neutral, those and then back into drive, okay. Oh mate, this is easy. I've got the hang of this, thank you. When I said this is the first-ever hybrid car from Porsche, you might be looking at this baby right here, the 918. That's the Carrera GT. What do you mean, they're hypercars? Apparently, Porsche calls them super sports cars. This is what they call a hypercar, so this is the very, very, very first one in their lineup, and let's just hope it comes from fruition.

Now look at these headlights, how cool is this? So fully redesigned here. This is 3D printed, these are your daytime running lights going down here, and you can see the design here, all the 3D printing here for it to be strong and lightweight. What do you guys think of that design? This is kind of from the era of the 917 from back in the '60s. I kind of had that same shape going down the front here. Now around the side, what I think is super cool, I'm just going to close this so we can see the shape properly here, look, there's no side mirror, there's no camera here either. What is cool, and this is the first time I've ever seen this, is they've got the camera back here on the back of the door, so this is for aerodynamics and actually the placement gives you a really good view of the car from both sides.

Now we've got Mission X written down here. Why is it called Mission X? It's for experimental and extreme. While I'm down here, come and look at this Easter egg, little cheater. Now what's that doing there? Obviously, this stands for super fast and super lightweight, but what you might not have known is that is the logo for their in-house Design Studio around here. Look at this, when do you ever get an extra windscreen up the top? This is Daytona-inspired, so you know when you're driving on the track at Daytona what happens is they actually have to have an extra windscreen so they can actually see where they're going on the track. So this is Daytona inspired and this is Lamar inspired, so they're taking their Motorsports history but making it into a luxury car, right?

These wheels are cool too, guys. Look at this, so they're actually different on the back to the front. They're a different design completely. When you close off the back wheel like this, it's more aerodynamic for the car, and also, you see all of these little things coming out, these little juts coming out here that provide like a turbine effect which provides more Cooling.

Now this door, as you can see before Limon style door so it opens up which we freaking love that needs to happen in the production car. And when you look at the other super sports cars or Porsche in general, it doesn't have these doors. So we, I would absolutely love to see this if this actually goes into production or opening it this way. It is inspired by the 917 again and a Lamar style door. Now the first thing you notice is the steering wheel, look at this. So it's quite compact, you've got the Porsche logo in the middle and I've been told that's made out of brushed precious metals, very fancy. If I was to get one obviously in gold. And then you've got this screen here that's also quite like a minimalist just so that the driver can always see over the wheel arches here in the front.

Look at this light that runs the length of the seat, I love that detail, that is so cool. So the brake light is here right, and the exterior and then what happens is once it transitions into the interior, you've got these beautiful running lights all the way through the cabin. Now here I think is really cool what they've done, look for the first time ever, you can actually see straight through the wheel and I've just never even thought about that design detail before. Usually, this is all covered. This right here, very cool. Now your passenger can obviously see this the best, but look what it does, it's removable and you can take this around with you. I just love the estimation X written on the back, it's so like James Bond isn't it? And so if this goes into production, they're going to make this super lightweight so you can literally take all of your info like the racing laps and everything with you, place it on the table and go haha I'm faster than you around the track.

This is the gear lever now all you do is you just pull it back to put it in drive neutral reverse and guess what that is there's a huge button right in Central in the car. This is a record button the most Central button in the whole car is a record button that is so that when you are going around the track you can literally go record and you've got four cameras one here one here one at the front and one at the back that records your lap around the track. See all this padding here what they will do is they will 3D scan your body and adjust this padding specifically to your body. Now you see you've got your six-point harness and here you cannot actually move the seat right so you've got this pull lever here and the pedals will move towards you or they'll move back so that's the vibe there.

Now on your wheel little toggles here look you've got your drive modes right, okay, lots of other little bits and pieces. Now here, this is your indicator button, press that indicator, indicator, and of course, because this is fully electric this is no longer needed right these paddle shifts but they want to keep them there just because it feels nice and it feels racy and cool so on this one this side for example this is like your regen mode so you can select how regenerative you want to drive with the brakes right got to see the lights guys ready tail lights go on look at it running across the back beautiful and then the indicators so across these two panels but wait you've got to see this watch what the E does guys the whole Porsche lettering goes off except for the E that pulsates in blue to indicate that it's charging I love that feature now around here you've got these cool brake lights running back in the rear window and then around the front we have its headlights right so let's just see how they go on here we go they light up from the inside first and then you've got the daytime running lights here going all the way down thank you so so much to Portia for inviting me here to Paris to show you guys the mission X it's been on everyone's lips this week and I actually got to see it and show you guys so a massive massive thank you and what do you guys think pop your comment down below and we'll see you on the next vid love ya thank you. 

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