Will iPad make users forget about laptops?

The ucoming iPadOS 16 will bring iPad multitasking features similar to those found on Macs, like floating apps and windows.

Apple's newest and most expensive iPads now come with the same M1 chip found on Macs. This makes them more powerful than the iPhone.

iPadOS 16 will make the iPad a complete laptop replacement for common tasks.

This is obviously a surprise because Apple has always touted the iPad as a laptop replacement. The company did a lot of things, including promoting the iPad as a fully functional mobile computer.

However, software limitations have caused the iPad to still be likened to a full-sized iPhone rather than a regular laptop. Things will change with the upcoming iPadOS 16, where users can see which apps are currently active and quickly move between them. With iPadOS 16, users can also resize the application window which is also said to be available. These will make the iPad more like a laptop than a phone.

As you know, iPad is a product with compact design, high speed, portable and compatible with a variety of accessories such as wireless keyboard. So the iPad can fully handle many of the tasks a laptop can.

Not stopping there, the iPad screen supports multi-touch functionality - something that Macs and MacBooks are not equipped with. As a result, the iPad holds a lot of promise as a laptop. Among the new features on iPadOS 16, the ability to move windows around and switch between apps will be a huge plus.

As planned, Apple CEO Tim Cook will reveal new versions of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS at the WWDC conference opening on June 6. As the hardware improvements on the iPad get closer and closer to the MacBook, combined with software like iPadOS 16, iPad users can completely skip the investment in more expensive laptops.

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