2023 BMW XM Review - The Most Overpriced Car Of The Decade

The BMW XM: Unveiling the Ultimate Big Daddy SUV

The BMW XM: Unveiling the Ultimate Big Daddy SUV

You're watching Throttle Hess, where Thomas and James take you through the details of the BMW XM, the first pure M only model since the legendary M1. This flagship SUV promises to be the pinnacle of performance and driving pleasure, but does it live up to the expectations?

Powerful Hybrid Tech

The BMW XM boasts a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with almost 200 horsepower of hybrid assistance. This combination makes it the most powerful M car ever made. However, questions arise about the claimed 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds, which falls short compared to other super SUVs.

Red Label XM: Unleashing More Power

BMW introduces the Red Label XM, a variant that surpasses the base model's performance. With a 3.9-second 0-60 time, it raises the bar even higher, leaving enthusiasts questioning why the base model doesn't reach higher power figures given its impressive engine specs.

Under the Hood Insights

During discussions with engineers, insights reveal that the XM is essentially an extended X5M with modifications to accommodate the hybrid components. Suspension components, including coil springs, are shared between the XM and X5M, emphasizing a sportier chassis setup.

Chassis Dynamics: A Balancing Act

We delve into the challenges of controlling a 6,000-pound SUV. The active anti-roll bars and dampers play a crucial role in enhancing cornering stability. The XM offers various driving modes, from soft for daily commutes to sporty for canyon roads, balancing between comfort and performance.

Exterior Styling: Unapologetic Design

The BMW XM's exterior design is described as unapologetic, targeting extroverted individuals. Customization options include a distinctive light bar around the grill, offering a bold look. The design, available in various colors, draws attention, making a statement on the road.

Interior: A Blend of Luxury and Sport

Inside, the XM offers a well-built cabin with comfortable seats, but critics argue that it lacks the innovation seen in other BMW models like the iX. Despite the spaciousness and ambient lighting, the interior may not justify the steep price tag compared to other high-end BMW SUVs.

Final Verdict: A Controversial Offering

The BMW XM, with its hybrid powertrain, distinctive design, and performance, sparks controversy. While it delivers a unique driving experience, some question its high cost and whether it truly embodies the M legacy. A hypothetical upgrade proposal suggests changes that could elevate the XM to the ultimate flagship status.

Thanks for watching Throttle Hess. Stay tuned for more automotive reviews and insights.

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