Exploring the New BMW M2: A Throttle House Review

Exploring the New BMW M2: A Throttle House Review

Exploring the New BMW M2: A Throttle House Review

Thomas and James from Throttle House recently took the new BMW M2 for a spin, and here's a comprehensive look at what they discovered about this updated sports car.

Performance and Power

The M2 comes equipped with the powerful S-58 engine, borrowed from the M3 and M4, producing an impressive 453 horsepower. However, concerns arise about its weight, with comparisons to the original M2 suggesting a less exciting power-to-weight ratio. The turbocharged nature of the engine adds an element of peakiness, requiring deliberate engagement with the turbo threshold for optimal performance. While it lacks some straight-line excitement, the engine does produce the classic inline-six tone with satisfying exhaust crackles on the overrun.

Transmission Options

Transmission choices include a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic inherited from the M3 and M4. The manual option provides a more engaging experience, although some criticize the shifter's feel. Surprisingly, the automatic option proves to be a game-changer, enhancing the car's overall performance and responsiveness.

Driving Dynamics

Driving dynamics receive mixed reviews. The M2, known for its spiciness and edginess, seems to have become more stable and less spiky. Grip levels are abundant, leading to concerns about the loss of the original M2's playful nature. The adaptive dampers and various driving modes offer some customization, but the steering is criticized for being numb, lacking the feedback of its predecessor.

Styling and Interior

The exterior styling of the new M2 sparks some debate. While some elements, like the distinctive grill and side profiles, receive mixed opinions, the car maintains a BMW identity. The interior sees improvements in build quality and features, with the introduction of the latest BMW tech. However, criticisms include the odd-looking gauge cluster and a preference for a more traditional tachometer.

Seating and Practicality

The M2 retains its reputation for providing limited rear-seat space, suitable for short journeys or emergency situations rather than extended use. The front seats, whether standard or upgraded carbon-fiber buckets, offer comfort and adjustability. Practicality is further discussed, considering options such as a sunroof and wheel choices.


While the new BMW M2 showcases improvements in various aspects, it falls short of becoming the unequivocal champion in its class. Objectively refined and powerful, it faces tough competition from alternatives like the Mustang GT, Toyota Supra, and Porsche 718 Cayman. The choice between the M2 and its competitors ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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