2024 Lucid Gravity Review - EXCLUSIVE First Drive + Walkaround

Exploring the Lucid Gravity: Luxury Electric SUV

2024 Lucid Gravity Review - EXCLUSIVE First Drive + Walkaround

Welcome to Throttle House, where we take a deep dive into the mesmerizing world of the Lucid Gravity. In this video, hosts Thomas and James share their first impressions of this groundbreaking luxury electric SUV.


The Lucid Gravity is not just an SUV; it's a statement. With a gravitational pull of 9.81 m/s², adjustable air suspension, and a design that cuts through the air more efficiently than a Tesla Model X, the Gravity is set to challenge the norms of luxury SUVs.

Design and Size

Despite its nearly 6,000-pound weight, the Lucid Gravity exudes a sleek vibe. The long, streamlined design, coupled with the new "Tight Lunar Titanium" color, gives it a unique and attractive appearance. The large 22-inch and 23-inch wheels add to the visual appeal, creating a deceptive sense of size in photos.

Interior Features

Step inside, and you'll find an interior that blends minimalism with warmth. The steering wheel and infotainment screen have been strategically placed to enhance visibility. The use of materials like Alcantara, tan brown leather, and tempered glass contributes to the overall luxurious feel.

Lucid Spaces and Sanctuary Mode

The Lucid Gravity introduces innovative features like Sanctuary Mode, providing a serene atmosphere for passengers during charging. Lucid Spaces offers various ambient lighting themes, including a virtual journey to Joshua Tree and even karaoke for entertainment.

Practicality and Seating

Designed for family adventures, the Lucid Gravity offers practical features like a frunk, versatile storage spaces, and a customizable rear seating arrangement. The spacious back seats, complete with recliners and table units, ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all passengers.

Driving Experience

Powered by an 800+ horsepower electric motor, the Lucid Gravity promises a rapid and exhilarating driving experience. The hosts note its agility, low center of gravity, and smooth throttle and brake calibration. While still in development, the Gravity exhibits confidence-inspiring dynamics, hinting at a top-tier electric SUV.


The Lucid Gravity emerges as a well-thought-out machine that combines luxury, performance, and innovation. Its unique design, feature-rich interior, and impressive driving capabilities position it as a strong contender in the luxury electric SUV market.

Whether it can claim the top spot among EV SUVs remains to be seen, but the Lucid Gravity, even in its early production form, makes a compelling case for those seeking a blend of style, comfort, and electrifying performance.

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