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Legendary SLS AMG Review

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Review


What are you doing? What are you pacing for? Is this the get-in helmet? I don't trust these doors. You don't need the get-in helmet; this is for the I8. That's a weird car. This is anos. It's the Mercedes; it's easy. You can just step in. Okay, it's ridiculous, honestly. All right, get in; this thing's so funny. You don't need it for this thing. J James. Oh no. Oh, James. James, you all right? Okay, yeah. No, very funny. That was fun. Yeah, as if you actually needed a helmet. Yeah, yeah. Oh.

Exploring the Legendary SLS AMG

You're watching Throttle House. I'm Thomas, and I'm James, and this is the legendary SLS AMG...

Performance and Driving Experience

Roll back the clocks to 2011, and a few special names appear - the Audi R8, the McLaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, GT3 RS 4.0, Ferrari 458. Of that list, only some of them have the world deemed more valuable since the day of their release...

Interior and Comfort

Once you are in and you've managed to somehow not scuff this little bit of Alcantara right here...


The SLS is a car that maybe slipped under our radar a little bit too much. It drives as well as it looks; it's got a mean attitude and timeless aesthetics...

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