Unveiling the Lotus Electra: A Hyper SUV with Electric Power

Lotus Electra: Redefining Hyper SUVs in the Electric Era

Lotus Electra: Redefining Hyper SUVs in the Electric Era


The Lotus Electra has emerged as a groundbreaking hyper SUV, challenging conventions with its unique design and powerful specifications. Priced at $150,000, it aims to set new standards in the electric vehicle market.

Performance and Power

The non-R version boasts 95 horsepower, while the Electra R steps up with an impressive 900 horsepower. Featuring a two-speed transmission and a range of 304 miles, this SUV promises a thrilling driving experience, making it a contender for the quickest dual motor EV.

Design and Construction

Manufactured in Wuhan, China, the Lotus Electra carries the Lotus badge but introduces a departure from the traditional Lotus design language. With a mix of Pur Sanghu and Urus elements, it captures attention with its 23-inch diamond-cut wheels and extensive use of carbon fiber in wheel wells and the front.

Technology and Autonomous Features

Utilizing Unreal Engine, the Electra aims for Level 4 autonomous driving, featuring a range of technologies. Cameras and sensors, including self-cleaning capabilities, showcase the car's commitment to future-proofing and innovation.

Interior Elegance

Step inside the Lotus Electra to experience a luxurious interior with Napa leather seats, gold accents, and wood detailing. The 23-speaker Kef audio system adds to the immersive driving experience, making it a $150,000 interior worth indulging in.


The Lotus Electra, despite its departure from traditional Lotus sports cars, establishes itself as a competent EV SUV. With a solid build, impressive performance, and a luxurious interior, it marks Lotus' foray into the electric future while still retaining the spirit of innovation.

Thank you for exploring the Lotus Electra with us. Stay tuned for more updates in the electric vehicle landscape!

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